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Guest Teachers Welcome!

Would you like to help us create music education resources that teach, inspire, and motivate music learners around the world?  The continuing mission of Dr. Selfridge Music is to develop a comprehensive library of resources on all band instruments, freely available for students and teachers.  To reach this goal, we need your help, your talent, and your expertise!   As with everything we post on the Dr. Selfridge YouTube Channel and website, all videos and resources posted will always be completely FREE for anyone to use. 

My YouTube channel began as a way for me to help my elementary band students practice their songs at home.   I recorded, edited and posted everything myself.  I soon realized that if I want to build a comprehensive resource excellent tutorial videos for ALL band instruments, I certainly can't do it all myself.  Nor should I!  Students should be able to see and learn from a variety of excellent inspiring teachers and talented performers.

Interested in helping?  Awesome!  See the steps below.  For any videos in which you appear as a guest teacher or performer, we will credit you as the contributor, and certainly be happy to include links to your social media/website if you'd like.

2) Get the sheet music, tempo, and phrases

How Can You Help?

1) Pick out a song to record

Check out our "Video Helper Wish List" and our Beginner Band Tunes.  Once you have decided what song(s) you would like to record, send an email to let us know. 

We will provide you with sheet music and instructions so you know exactly what to record and at what tempo markings.  For most songs, you will be asked to record the full melody, then record the shorter phrases at a slower tempo.  Check with us if you're not sure exactly what tempo or phrases to record.

3) Follow our step-by-step guide to recording

This step-by-step guide will help you record a great quality video that we can post on YouTube.  Don't worry about editing out mistakes or anything like that, just submit what you recorded.

4) Send us your completed video 

We'll send you a Dropbox link.  You don't need to sign up or download anything.

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