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Video Recording Guide

Thank you for your interest in helping us expand our video resources for students and teachers!  Once you have picked out the song or lesson that you will be recording for us, you can use the steps below to make sure you get a great video recording that we can post.  Click here to return to our Guest Teacher Welcome Page.

Steps to Recording a Great Video

You don't necessarily need an expensive video camera or recording equipment to get an excellent quality video.  the steps below will help you get a great picture and sound quality that will be easy for students to watch and learn  from.

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1) Set up your phone/camera to capture a clear, straight-on view of you playing your instrument.  If using a phone, a tripod is really helpful but not required.  Angle the camera so that is is facing straight at you, not looking up from below.  Most important is that the viewer can see your hands/fingerings, but it's also nice to have your embouchure/face in there as well if possible.

2) Record your video in a well-lit room with minimal background noise.  Avoid sitting in front of a window during daylight, which causes the dark silhouette look.   If you are able to record your audio in a separate mic for higher quality, that's great, but certainly not required.

3) Use headphones or earbuds to play along with a metronome or our provided play-along tracks as you record.  It's better if we can hear only your instrument sound on the video. 

4) Make sure you have your sheet music, phrases to record, and tempo.  For most songs, you will be asked to record the full melody, then record the shorter phrases at a slower tempo.  Check with us if you're not sure exactly what tempo or phrases to record.

5) Say hello to the viewers.  Optional, but it's a nice personal touch for all of our guest stars to introduce themselves on camera and give a little hello to the viewers.  Something like this:

   -  Quick hello and your name.  You can go with Mr/Mrs, or use your first/last, whatever you prefer.

    - Quick one/two sentence description of what you do.  "I'm a high school band director and I play the trumpet", or "I play clarinet in the ______ Orchestra", whatever you'd like to share.  

   - Today I'll be playing "Name of Song"

    - Some sort of sign-off.  I usually say something like "Thanks for watching, now go practice" or "I hope you have fun practicing this song" and give a smile.  

6) Submit your video to Dr. Selfridge Music.  There's no need to edit out your mistakes or pauses, our editors will make it look great!  We can send you a Dropbox link to share your files.

QUESTIONS?  Send us an e-mail:

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